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Welcome to My Future Pathway

Connecting Students to the Right College for over 20 Years 

At My Future Pathway, we put students on a track toward life after high school.  No matter the age, we assist in a variety of college planning and preparation. Whether you are an 8th grade student just beginning, a senior in high school starting out late, or a college student looking to transfer, we are ready to help.  
After our initial 2-hour planning meeting, we will have strategies in place ready to be implemented.  
The items listed below are just some of the services we offer.  

Course Selection:

  • Developing a High School Course Plan

Academic Support and Test Prep

  • Arranging Academic Tutoring/SAT/ACT Tutors to support and prepare for import AP, Regents, and College Entrance Exams.  

Internships, Summer Programming, and Job Shadowing

  • Get first hand experience through a variety of programs that will provide insight on future careers.  

Preliminary Assessment:

  • A thorough review and evaluation of the student’s academic and extracurricular background including transcripts, projected courses, and talents is accomplished
  • Successes, endeavors, achievements and methods to emphasize the student’s strengths
  • Students explore and learn about various college programs
  • Preliminary college lists are drafted

College Search:

  • Interests, achievements and selection factors are carefully matched with appropriate universities until a final college list is formulated
  • Guidance and instruction is provided with regard to researching colleges on the internet
  • Individualized work plans and specific apply timelines are created to ensure that all applications and supporting materials are completed ahead of college application deadlines

College Essays and Personal Statements:

  • Assist in writing college essays that stand out
  • Brainstorm college essay topics, develop college essay ideas and make revisions
  • Provide detailed suggestions for content, vocabulary and correct structure
  • Emphasize the student’s own voice and reveal the strength of character
  • Discuss intent of essay prompts and how to best answer questions

Activity Resume:

  • The completed list of extracurricular activities will show a commitment, continuity of participation and contribution in all activities
  • Methods of how the different colleges like this information conveyed will be addressed

Submitting College Applications:

  • Up to date admission requirements are researched and explained
  • Trouble spots are identified and improved
  • All of the student’s applications are reviewed thoroughly. The college application review consists of polishing essays, the activity resume as well as additional supplementary materials

Submission of Test Scores:

Review and submit scores from either SAT/SAT II/ACT

Final College Selection:

  • After the applications are submitted, college counselors provide strategic tips on proper ways to show expressed interest as this can be a crucial component in the college admissions process
  • Once acceptances are received, students and parents are guided in making their final decision 

Campus Tours:

  • College visits are encouraged and planned
  • We provide a list of suggested questions and tips to use while touring schools

College Interviews:

  • A thorough list of possible interview questions is provided, so that the student knows approximately what questions to expect and how to best answer them
  • A list of questions to ask the interviewer is provided
  • Students feel more comfortable during college interviews and make an excellent impression on college admission representatives

Letters of Recommendation:

  • Work with student on who to ask, how to best approach their teachers and counselors and what to provide each writer
  • Assist students in providing personal information, which helps the teachers and counselors write more effective letters of recommendation
  • Help obtain letters from people outside the school environment as potential supplementary recommendation letters