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Connecting Students to the Right College for over 20 Years 

Over the years, we have worked with some amazing families.  Here are just some of their responses about working with Mike and his staff.  Since the process can be a very personal one, we are very aware of the importance of confidentiality.  We do not share our client lists or the names to who we are working with to anyone.   However, most of our families are happy to speak about Mike if anyone would like additional references. 

Mike is unbelievable. He removed the anxiety and guided us through each step of the process.  J. G.  Manhattan, NY

I never thought about using a college advisor, thinking we could handle it on our own. After the first few steps, we were frustrated, confused and lost. After contacting Mike, we were able to complete everything in time.  Plus, he has such a calm way about himself.  Very easy to work with.  Y. M. Plainview, NY

With Mike’s help, my son was able to step into his senior year with all of his applications completed. Mike was great. 

M. R. Roslyn, NY

We cannot thank Mike enough.  He has been with us since my daughter was in 10th grade.  Each year, we saw our daughter get more excited about life after high school.  He set her up with internships, test prep, and tutoring for different subjects.  It will not only be sad to see our youngest head off to college, but not seeing Mike might hurt a little bit as well.

A. S. Commack, NY

You cannot see what your missing, if you do not know what you are looking for.  After our initial visit with Mike, my husband and I were overwhelmed, we thought we had it all figured out.  In just a two our conversation, Mike changed our entire way of thinking.   V. S. Plainview, NY

At the time I first contacted Mike, I was a nervous mother of a 10th grade son.  Mike was lead me through the process, but also made me more informed.  In fact, his advice is the reason my son is being selected to play college Lacrosse.  

P. L. Cold Spring Harbor, NY

Thank you Mike.  Nothing but confidence in his ability to bring the colleges to life in our very own living room.  What a bonus for two working parents.  J. S. Melville, NY

My son and Mike had a great relationship.  It was nice to see him get excited about college as Mike’s enthusiasm is contagious.

P. K. Brooklyn, NY

My first concern was that my daughter’s appointment was on Skype as we were unable to meet in person, however, after the first session, I could not imagine doing it any other way.  Mike was well prepared and planned our each session.  It was amazing.  

J. L. San Francisco, CA

Our son is very quiet.  Even though he never would open up about his ideas about a potential career, Mike was able to work it out of him.  Six months later, he applied to college and is feeling good. C. R. Huntington, NY.

Even though my son’s sessions were online, I found it extremely helpful.  Mike was able to get my daughter’s Common App. essay done in just a matter of weeks.  B. C. Boston, MA

Apprehensive and a bit nervous, which I feel is common as a mother of two children with special needs.  I worked with Mike to help with academic planning and than the college process.  He is really an expert.  I could not imagine having any other person work with my children.  P. T. Syosset, NY

I harassed Mike.  I can finally admit it.  I called at least three of his references trying see if he would be the right guy for my child.  After three sessions, I needed to observe no longer.  He had such rapport.  What a great guy. T. M. Roslyn, NY